Saturday, 29 May 2010

WOW... my new goodies 8oD

WAHOOOOOO... look at these awesome goodies that came thru the post this morning (Sat) from Janet aka craftycairn (Docrafts).... flowers... gems & 2 gorgeously cute stamps... defo gotta get practicing now dont I??? lolol.... Janet sent them as a 'Thank you' coz I made her some new banners for her Pink Gem Designs site... Thank YOU Janet... I love em darl ;o) xXx

Friday, 28 May 2010

MORE 'Thank you' prezzies 8oD

I mean.... WOWZA.... am I spoilt or what??? hehehehe here are some more amazing prezzies I received from my fellow Docrafts friends... again a thank you from them to me for creating the banners & headers for their blogs hehehehe... I also got lots of goodies with them all.... I love it when I get prezzies hehehehee I really do love everything & I really do appreciate my friends taking the time to thank me & spoil me ;o) hehehehe TFL xXx

This card is from our wonderful Maureen aka Mojo... thanx darl I love it ;o) xXx
This card is from the lovely Viv.... thanx darl... I love this too ;o) xXx
& this card is from the lovely Kathleen aka goldengirl.. again thanx darl... I love it ;o) xXx

Friday, 21 May 2010

What Are Thier Names???? NOW ENDED!!



Below is a new digi image creation of mine... a young girl & boy... the thing is... I dunno what to call em lolol... dya think you could help me out with naming them??? Am hoping to be selling my new images so... the winner who gets picked... will get these new images for free... including the coloured images... is that cool??? lolol... pleez leave a comment with the names you think they should be given... I weill give it a week or 2... depending on how much response there is before picking a winner... HAPPY NAMING!!!!! hehehee love n hugz Angie xXx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another 'Thank you' prezzy 8oD

hehehehe its like me birthday & Christmas rolled into one... I love getting prezzies lolol... this gorgeous wallet card woz sent to my by Eileen aka SMALLSTEPS on Docrafts.. it woz filled with some scrummy goodies AND I got more in the envelope ;oP hehehehe aint it awesome?? Thank you Eileen for my prezzy & I enjoyed creating your header & banner.... hope ya have lots of blogging fun & Happy Crafting!!! ;o) xXx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

MORE prezzies ;oP hehehe

My son asked if it woz my birthday yesterday when the posty arrived.... there woz a big parcel (which woz my blog candy that I'd won from Maureen's Den Blog aka Mojo1 on Docrafts & then a few lil thank you prezzies... which am showing off now lolol... I would post what GloriaW sent me but in her note she'd written... instead of adding anything to the card... she left it for me to use whenever I want lolol... along with some cute lil pieces ;o) Thank you Gloria ;o) xXx
These gorgeous cards below are from Noreen aka Followyourdreams (the pink card which is a wallet card filled with some awesome goodies 8oP hehehehe) Thanx Noreen ;o) xXx
& the gorgeous lilac card is from Ginny aka As.I.Do.Rodos... Thanx Ginny ;o)... both were thank you cards to me to show their appreciation for the work I'd done in creating their headers & banners for their blogs hehehehe... I believe their banners... along with quite a few others... can be found on the 'View More Blog's' section...
anyways thanx ladies... I love em... I feel so spoilt hehehehehe... have a great day
heheheh I really do LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! xXxXxXxXx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Card 4 Nanna ;o)

My niece is finally home for good after living away for about 5 yrs yayyyyy... (not under the best circumstances tho) but we are so happy to have her back with us... her & her gorgeous baby girl 8oD
Anyways its her Mum's birthday soon (my older sister) & I gave her a card from her to her Mum but didnt have 1 for her baby... so this is what I made for them both... my niece loves it ;o)
What dya think??? (my sisters fave colours are blue & purple lolol)

Look what the posty brought me 8oD

wahooooo what a wonderful surprsie.... the postman knocked & dropped a parcel in & when I went to get it... I noticed more mail & in that mail were these 2 awesome 'Thank you' cards from Theresa aka Craftingallday & Carol aka Carolk both fellow Docraft friends... wasn't that just so sweet.... they wanted to thank me for creating their banners & headers for their blogs awwwww & as I have said... you are more tha welcome... I loved making them ;oP... thanx ladies... I love em... Theresa's is the gorgeous blue card & Carol's is the pretty pink card... a wallet card that had some awesome goodies inside hehehee... I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! xXx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

debsdoes candy offer 8oD

hurry on over folks... click HERE or the banner on the sidebar,
Debbie is offering this to celebrate her coming Birthday this Saturday,
offer only open til 18th May, 2010
Good Luck all xXx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Julie's Craft Space Candy

hehehee ya can tell I have sussed out how to do these now can't ya
click the pic & follow the instructions.... ya know the drill folks ;o) lolol
Offer is open until the end of May ;o)

Julie's Candy

closes Sunday, 16th.

Whiff Of Joy Candy Offer

here is another fabulous candy offer... go to Whiff Of Joy... & then follow instructions there... ya know the drill by now ;o) hehehe xXx
A winner will be chosen on Sunday, MAY16th at 8pm GMT

Wonderful Blog Candy up for Grabs 8oD

this candy is on offer over on Spesch Designer Stamps
Pop on over & find out how you could win this candy
HURRY THO... offer ends 15th May, 2010 ;o)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Birthday Cards

here are some Birthday cards I have made for a couple of my daughters friends... my daughter loves em so am sure her friends will too hehehe ;o)
TFL... love n hugz Angie xXx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Birthday Cards 4 Docrafts Friends 8oD

here are some cards I have recently created for some of my Docrafts friends... I know those who have opened thiers have loved them & am sure those yet to open them will love them too... I hope anyways lolol... TFL... love n hugz Angie xXx