Friday, 30 September 2016

Sister's ;)

hello lovely people.. I do hope you are all well :)
Do you have a Sister?? You'd do almost anything for them... right??? LOL
well... I have two... one older & one younger... & yes... am the middle one LOL... anyways my youngest Sister passed me a box on Wed. & then asked me if I could make seperate boxes for what was inside the box she'd given me... I opened it & it smelled gorgeous.... they were bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes lol.... so pretty.... & of course I said yes.... so here they are :)

I created a template for them & the just added the patterns before printing :)
If anyone would like the box template then please contact me via the button on the left :)
 Thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Freebies ;)

hello my lovely friends & followers... I do hope you are all well :)
Well I know this seems a little premature lol but I have been busy with Christmas stuff
The family get together & have a Christmas Fun Day with all the kids
we make bits & bobs for Christmas & have a lot of laughs :)
Anyways.... I got thinking about gift tags... not sure why lol but here are what I created lol
Please feel free to save them & use them for yourselves :)
Hope you like ;) hehehe

Thanx so much for stopping by
please let me know what you think to my freebies ;)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Transformer Mad lol

Hello lovely friends & followers... I do hope you are well :)
It's one of my great nephew's 4th birthday today YAYYYY lol
& he is CRAZYYYYY about Transformers... especially the 'Rescue Bots' apparently lol
I knew he liked Bumblebee... so I created this card below for him with an image from Google

I also made this Jigsaw puzzle for him
(this was before I cut all the pieces out though lol)

I also made these little 'Cube Bots' that I found online...
they were as fiddly as anything too I can tell ya lol

His Mum also asked me to make his card from her & his Dad
& this card below is what I created (she loved it too btw lol)

I bet he is gonna be so excited when he opens his cards & presents lol
he wanted to open mine for him when he came yesterday LOL
Oh & I also made him a Bumblebee face mask but he wouldn't let me take a pic with it on LOL
his Mum took a selfie with him wearing it so hopefully I'll get a pic LOL

Thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)