Thursday, 16 April 2015

Random key rings that I made :)

hello folks.....
hope ya all keeping well :)
just thought I'd share some more of my creations with ya....
a selection of Key rings :)

Most of the above I still have if anyone wants to buy any lol

These above & below were for my family :)

These flower key rings above were made for some special friends :)

This key ring above went with a large Matryoshka doll
that I crocheted for a friend's Grand-daughter :)

This key ring above went with a large Sea horse
that I crocheted for a friend :)

The flower key ring above woz made for a friend but I decided I didn't like it for a 'daisy' (which the pattern said it woz lol) so found a better pattern which is shown above lol

Thanx again for stopping by & checking out my stuff :)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Do you like Caravaning??? LOL

my younger Sister & her Hubby are always away in the Caravan or their 'Wobblebox' as they happily call it HAHAHA
Recently my Sister came across a cushion on Google & asked if I could do some thing similar... so I Googled & actually found the pattern for the cushion she'd shown me lol.... clever huh??? ;) hehehe
Anyway..... this is what I created (it's far from perfect & a couple of things I did differently to the pattern but my Sister loved it anyway LOL

then I went on & found another pattern & created this (it's just a small stuffed toy caravan lol)

& I found a pattern for one of these too LOL (sorry it's not the best picture am afraid lol)

Amazing what ya can find when ya Google innit??? LOL

Thanx for taking time to check out my creations :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Minions.... Minions & more Minions LOL

As with my card creating etc I never like to do the same thing twice... I like to make sure there is some kind of difference even if it is a subtle one lol... so here are some more Easter Minions below (they don't all have their eggs lol) & a 'WEDDING COUPLE' Minions lol

a friend of mine in the States said she wanted a couple of Minions for a friend of hers who is getting married.... so this is what I created for her

What dya think??? they're all darned cute right??? LOL

Thanx for stopping by... it really is appreciated :)