Saturday, 17 December 2016

my Mum's Birthday

hello lovely people... hope you are all well
sorry it's been a while but I have been busy with other things lol
Anyway's... it's my Mum's birthday on the 21st Dec. & one of her fave things
at this time is Betty Boop... she's always liked her but the last couple of years she has been
collecting BB memorabilia LOL
so I decided to create a card for her using a BB image
here is my creation :)

sorry it isn't a very good photo... the card does look better to the eye LOL
I have also used my new 'signature' on the image... a friend had one & I 
decided I wanted one too so I created my own LOL.. what dya think??
Thanx so much for popping by & hopefully leaving me a comment ;)
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas
& may 2017 be a happy... healthy & fantastic year for all :)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

80th Birthday :)

hello you wonderful people... I do hope you are keeping well :)
one of my Dad's older Sister's celebrated her 80th Birthday recently
& we had a family get-together last night for a party... it was a great night as always lol
Anyway's onto my post today :)
I wanted to try a new type of card & thanx to my good friend Teresa... 
I followed her tutorial for a Criss Cross Card which can be found HERE
& this was my finished creation :)
Below is the card with the insert taken out... I printed off the templates for the numbers & then added it to card which I then cut out... then put them on the front of the insert with some text & gems :)

Below is a view of the back side of the insert on which I added a verse :)

The papers are digi papers which I printed off
Flowers are from my stash
Lace I bought from my craft shop round the corner
Ribbon is from my stash
Gems are from my stash
Card stock is from Dovecrafts & Gemstones
I also created the stand as a template in my PSP... printed it off & then cut it out of card :)

thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Chocolate LOL

hello my lovelies... hope you are all well especially now the weather is turning cold :(
Chocolate.... yummm we all love a bit don't we??? LOL
well my lastest inking was doing using ink called Pearlescent Chocolate LOL
the picture doesn't really chow the glittering colour but it is very nice LOL
here is my creation :)

I used my Bow Maker to create a bow using two lengths of the same ribbon
the gems are from my stash
All Occassions embossing folder
Sentiment created in PSP & printed off the added to a die cut :)

Thanx for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

My inking attempt :)

hello lovelies... I hope you are well :)
I finally got my hands on the gorgeous All Occasions Embossing Folder :)
I've always wanted to try the 'inking' technique & decided to try it using my new folder
& here is my very first attempt :)

I used an 'Ink It Up' small ink pad from my set
gems & flower from my stash
The flower bead I bought not long ago too
add a sentiment that I created using my PSP & printed it off then die cut it :)
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

More intricate cutting :P

I loved doing the previous cards using a mirror image technique...
so I decided to try it out with Christmas images
again I found these images online so if you know the creator... please let me know so I can give them their well deserved credit :)

I used my two of my Poinsettia dies on the top 2 cards with flat backed beads from my stash
& I used my new Bow Maker for the bottom 2 cards along with mini ornamental slowflakes & again flat backed beads from my stash :P
Thank you so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Saturday, 1 October 2016

What dya think???

Hello my lovelies.... I do hope you are well :)
I found this pattern which is shown below online (I believe it was originally for use for embroidery)
I don't know who the creator is... but if you know... please let me know... so I can give them the credit  they deserve :)
Anyways... I wondered if I could use the pattern to create & card
I chose a square digi paper that I had then re-sized it accordingly & then pasted the 'masked' image onto it so that it was just the outline & not the white background lol
I printed off two (a pink design & a blue design) I cut out the outer line of the heart first & then attatched it to a piece of coloured card stock... then using a precision knife I cut out all the intricate inner pieces for that one half.... I then folded the top half of the patterened paper back using sticky foam pads & then attatched the whole thing to a patterned card... then I created some bows using my new Bow Maker.... added some gems & sentiments & below are my results :)

thank you so much for popping by & I hope you leave me a comment :)

Friday, 30 September 2016

Sister's ;)

hello lovely people.. I do hope you are all well :)
Do you have a Sister?? You'd do almost anything for them... right??? LOL
well... I have two... one older & one younger... & yes... am the middle one LOL... anyways my youngest Sister passed me a box on Wed. & then asked me if I could make seperate boxes for what was inside the box she'd given me... I opened it & it smelled gorgeous.... they were bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes lol.... so pretty.... & of course I said yes.... so here they are :)

I created a template for them & the just added the patterns before printing :)
If anyone would like the box template then please contact me via the button on the left :)
 Thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Freebies ;)

hello my lovely friends & followers... I do hope you are all well :)
Well I know this seems a little premature lol but I have been busy with Christmas stuff
The family get together & have a Christmas Fun Day with all the kids
we make bits & bobs for Christmas & have a lot of laughs :)
Anyways.... I got thinking about gift tags... not sure why lol but here are what I created lol
Please feel free to save them & use them for yourselves :)
Hope you like ;) hehehe

Thanx so much for stopping by
please let me know what you think to my freebies ;)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Transformer Mad lol

Hello lovely friends & followers... I do hope you are well :)
It's one of my great nephew's 4th birthday today YAYYYY lol
& he is CRAZYYYYY about Transformers... especially the 'Rescue Bots' apparently lol
I knew he liked Bumblebee... so I created this card below for him with an image from Google

I also made this Jigsaw puzzle for him
(this was before I cut all the pieces out though lol)

I also made these little 'Cube Bots' that I found online...
they were as fiddly as anything too I can tell ya lol

His Mum also asked me to make his card from her & his Dad
& this card below is what I created (she loved it too btw lol)

I bet he is gonna be so excited when he opens his cards & presents lol
he wanted to open mine for him when he came yesterday LOL
Oh & I also made him a Bumblebee face mask but he wouldn't let me take a pic with it on LOL
his Mum took a selfie with him wearing it so hopefully I'll get a pic LOL

Thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Birthday Cards

hello my lovelies... hope you are all well & enjoying this glorious weather :)
my niece had her birthday the day before mine & my youngest Sister has her birthday in a few days.... here are the cards I created for them both :)

For my niece who loves Josh Hartnett lol

For my Sister who loves Betty Boop

All images were from Google
Thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A card for a challenge!!!

well I can't even remember the last time I entered a challenge lol
but I spotted one in a Facebook group & decided to have a go :P
The group is called 'Cute As A Button'
it IS a closed group but if you are interested you can apply to join them lol :)
so....... here is my entry...

Image - Hawaiian Mermaid - Francesca Lopez
Medium - coloured using Promarkers
Papers - Background created in PSP & printed off
Fish - created in PSP & printed off
Sentiment -  Shell & text created in PSP & printed off

Other Challenges I am going to enter

Julia Spiri - Anything goes

Creatalicious Challenges - Anything goes

A Bit More Tome To Craft - Anything goes

Thanx so much for stopping by & maybe leaving a comment ;)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Busy Lil Bee!!

Helloooo me lovelies... hope you are having gorgeous weather too ;)
I have been a busy lil bee lately lol my best friend (who I did the Twins card for)
asked me to do a Wedding card for a couple of their friends
No info.... just 'a Wedding card' LOL
so this card below I created using my
Spellbinders Nestabilities 'Majestic Elements' die...
the bow I created using a tutorial I followed HERE
purdy isn't it??? LOL

This 3d Pop-up Box Card was made for my youngest niece & her hubby... the recently had a little boy called Leo... he is adorable too :)

& last but not least... 
this 3D Pop-up card is for my 2nd youngest niece who will be turning 30 at the beginning of next month... got the idea from a tutorial HERE
don't they make ya feel old??? LOL

Thanx so much for stopping by... much appreciated
& I look forward to any comments you care to leave :)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Twins!!! LOL

hello my lovelies... hope you are well 
my best friend asked me to make some cards for her 5 year old grand-daughter's
who are twins... they are from her son who is a twin himself lol
(she aslo has twin grand-son's too!!! hahaha)
Anyways... the criteria was.....
they're crazy about 'Shopkins'... Katie likes purple & Scarlett likes pink
so this is what I created for them LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It's huuuuuge lol

hello my lovelies.... a rather crappy day here... gonna rain I reckon :-/
Anyways... something more cheerful LOL
my latest creation was requested by a friend (for a friend lol)... the info was...
' 90th... Mum... her name is Violet... so maybe some of those flowers....large card please'
we discussed some ideas etc & so I got my brain working... HARD lol
I love the 3D Pop-up card boxes... so I thought....
'if I could make it bigger!!!!'
& I did!! lol... laid closed it measures 10 1/4 " & just over 8 1/2"
Most of them average about 4 1/2" X 5 1/2" (roughly lol)
I also made a box for it cause I obviously had no envelopes to fit it into lol
so... enough waffling....... here it is :)

I showed my friend the finished result & she loved it :)
let's hope her friend loves it too HAHAHAHA

thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving a comment :)

Monday, 25 July 2016

I DID IT!!! hehehe

Whilst at my Sister's & B.I.L.'s on Sat. evening we played the 'Mr & Mrs Family Edition' board game & my Sister mentioned that she didn't know where to get new score pads from... there is nothing on the box or the instructions as to where they can be obtained... so I said I'd make some.... the first set is almost identical to the original papers but to save ink... my Sister wanted them more white... so the second set is what we are going go with when I eventually print them off LOL

Set one (almost identical to original papers)

Set two (the one's my Sister wants printing lol)

I think both sets are pretty nifty but people would just say I'm biassed :P lol
Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving any comments :)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Bit Fishy ;) LOL

A couple of great friends 'tagged' me on Facebook re: a video tutorial for a
'Moving Fish' lol the tutorial can be found here
I used thin card & googly eye's instead of paper lol
& this was my first 'fishy' creation LOL

not bad huh???
lol but am gonna have to make more coz altho I don't have any Grandkids myself... my two Sister's do & I love all my great-niece's & great-nephews so much
so they will all get one each (thye probs wont last long tho) HAHAHAHA
Thanx so much for stopping by & leaving me a comment
I really do appreciate it :) xXx