Thursday, 26 May 2016

May Birthday's

Well... apart from being my older Sister's 50th Birthday this month (bits posted previously lol)....
 it was also the birthday of one of my great nephew's (the day before her's & she is also his Nanna lol)
& also one of my great niece's at the end of the month (who is the grand-daughter of my younger Sister... am the middle child with no Grand kids *sobs* lol
Anyways.... Logan is crazy about Spiderman 
so I found an image on Google & created this card below for him...
I decoupaged it too :)

& Evie hasn't really decided she likes anything in particular as of yet....
she will only be 2 this birthday after all lol
so I decided on Minnie Mouse.. again the image was found on Google
this is her card.... again decoupaged lol

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Great sadness :(

Hello my crafty fiends
This is a sad post for me :(
We said 'Goodbye' to one of my cousin's on Friday (20.5.16)
he was only 45 & died suddenly due to a blood clot travelling to his heart :(
I made some sympathy cards... one for his Mum (my Aunty) & one for his wife & daughters
here are my creations (sorry about pic quality... I forgot to take the pics before giving the cards so these pics were taken on mobile phones)

Aunty's card

Wife's card

thanx for stopping by.... any comments would be greatly appreciated :)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Milestone Birthday :)

Afternoon my lovelies... I hope you are all well & have lovely weather
it's a bit overcast here today but there was bright sunshine this morning lol
Anyways... to get on with this post LOL
My big Sister (there are three of us & I'm the middle one lol)
turns 50 next Monday :)
Her eldest daughter has organised a surprise party even tho my Sister said
"I'm not bothered doing anything special... I mean... it's only another birthday"
LOL well.. she didn't have to organise a thing ;) hahaha
Obviously... a great milestone in her life... I created a special card and gift
Have a looksy :)
This is the card... I wanted it to specifically show the '50' so no cutesy
pictures... just the age lol

I decided to make her a mini album (big enough for a standard 5X7 photo's)
this is the front of the album

All the pages are blank except the inside cover
I wanted it all bright & cheerful so lots of great colours & different colored borders & flowers
but all of them are done from the same papers as the pages.... just mixed up to be funky lol

This is the box for the album... my Sister's fave colour is blue like me lol
as all the pages are multi-coloured I wanted to do the box a full colour lol
I'm hoping she'll like it all tho LOL

Thanx so much for stopping by & checking out my projects
Any comments will be greatfully appreciated :)

Friday, 13 May 2016

Bookatrix Wedding Card

Hello my lovely followers.. I hope you're all well :)

Remember the Acceptance card I posted not long ago??
well this is the Wedding card for that coupe :)
I was asked to use the specific colours & also asked to add a motorbike if possible lol
(the groom rides often with a great group of family & friends lol)
I found some images using Google & chose the one I liked the most lol
(sorry the pics aren't great... I forgot to take pics before giving it to my friend
so she took pics using her phone lol)

This is the box lid for the Bookatrix :)

I do like to use my 'old' crafting things now & again lol... don't you??
anyways... thanx so much for stopping by to check out my creations
& I would really appreciate any comments from you :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Memory Book

I've been a busy little bee lol
my youngest niece asked me to make a special gift
for her S.I.L.'s 21st Birthday (yesterday) & she wanted something similar
to what I'd made a late friend of her's a few years ago.
This is the project below & I also made a box to keep it in safely lol
It starts with the front cover to the back cover then the box lid lol

Thanx for stopping by & I would really appreciate your comments :)