Sunday 19 May 2019

A Few Fave's :)

hey am back again... not so long an absence this time LOL
just wanted to show a few of my fave  special cards I've made
ie: Engagement/Wedding/Anniversary/VowRenewal :)
the first card is the engagement card that I made for my Mum & her future husband
& below is their Wedding card that I made (the front & opened) :)

the next card is a Vow Renewal card that I made for my younger
Sister & B.I.L. :)

this next card I made for my best friend for a couple she knew :)

the next is a card for a stranger.. the lady emailed me after seeing some of my
creations on Pinterest & asked if I could re-create a card she'd spotted lol 
Obviously I changed it slightly but she still loved it :D
this next card was for a favourite Aunty of mine
who is actually ill atm & with a not good outcome sadly :(

lastly this card below is a card I made for a couple online they do live cooking videos
to help other people learn how to cook or just give people new idea's for meals lol
they are called Pat & Paul... Paul is vegan so he cooks very different things to Pat lol :D

I hope you like my creations & hopefully you will leave me a comment
about what you think of them :)
Thanx so much for stopping by.... I really appreciate it.... stay safe ;)

Saturday 4 May 2019

'New Baby' cards :D

hello folks :)
sorry I've been A.W.O.L. again for a while lol
I always have the best intentions of keeping up daily posting but then I forget hahaha
Anyways.... a friend of mine asked for 'New Baby Girl' cards on 2 different occassions
& these are what I created
(the top card is the first card I created using a 'baby mobile die')
what dya think??? the basic shape ideas where from tutorials I'd found online
but I actually designed the layouts myself (the crib was my 2nd attempt lol)
Please.... let me know what ya think & thank you for stopping by
& hopefully leaving me a comment ;)

Saturday 13 October 2018

A Mother's Request for her Poorly Boy :(

hello lovelies
this post is about a young boy who spends way too much time in hospital
due to a medical condition he suffers with :(
His Mum is trying to raise his spirits this birthday.. by getting cards from
strangers all over.. who just wanna make his day special... 
click the link below to read & maybe join me in sending him a card
Kaiden's Story
Kaiden is crazy about Pokemon
& his favourite is Mewtwo.... so that's what I put on his card ;)
I found the image on Google & created the background myself ;)
Hope you join me in making this poorly boy's day a little more special :D
thanx for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment ;)

50 & poorly :(

hello lovelies
my post is about a very close friend of mine whom I have met several times
we first started chatting online on a game site called WORDOX around 1999 lol
it was based on Scrabble but it was a little different in the scoring... colouring etc
(I can't go into specifics coz I honestly don't have a clue how to explain it properly lol)
Anyways... my lovely friend Jess is in hospital atm :(
& yesterday was her 50th birthday :(
I decided I wanted to cheer her up & also celebrate her special day...
so I created the card below & posted it to her in the hospital
(fingers crossed she receives it with no problems lol)
here is my creation :)

Hopefully you will get the reference of the card since you've read the previous text LOL
(sorry about the glare from the flash)
thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment ;)

Saturday 6 October 2018

Mad as a Hatter LOL

Hello me lovelies :)
My latest project isn't a card but it i made from crafty stuff lol
My little Sister & her hubby have a caravan & go to rally's almost every w/e lol
some time this month I think it is... they & some rally friends are going to a
'Mad Hatter's Themed Tea Party' lol
the requirement is 'you must wear a wacky hat'
obviously I am the crafty one in the family ;) so she asked for my expertise lol
& below is what I came up with... (front, back... left & right views)

Thanx so much for stopping by I hopefully leaving me a message ;)

Monday 24 September 2018

Get Well Card

like I said before... I love the 3d Pop-up cards coz you can do anything with them
this card below was created for my Mum's youngest Sister
unfortunately she will never get well now as there is no cure for her illness
it's not Cancer but it is treated with medication for Cancer :(
she is still her usual self when we see her & lives life as normal
we love her to bits & always try to stay smiley for her :)
thanx so much for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment

I love the 80's ;)

I really need to keep up to date with my blog lol
I was invited to my friend's sister's 40th birthday & the theme was the '80's' lol
Obviously it was a themed party so I had to try & look the part didn't I?? ;) 
here are a few things I have created :)
this is the card I made for Kerry (my friend's sister)
she is absolutely crazy about Madonna lol

this is the T-shirt I made for the occasion lol

& this is me all dressed up ready for the night wearing the T-shirt lol
thank you to my little Sis for the load of the pink stuff & headband LOL

thank you for stopping by & hopefully leaving me a comment ;)