Monday, 25 July 2016

I DID IT!!! hehehe

Whilst at my Sister's & B.I.L.'s on Sat. evening we played the 'Mr & Mrs Family Edition' board game & my Sister mentioned that she didn't know where to get new score pads from... there is nothing on the box or the instructions as to where they can be obtained... so I said I'd make some.... the first set is almost identical to the original papers but to save ink... my Sister wanted them more white... so the second set is what we are going go with when I eventually print them off LOL

Set one (almost identical to original papers)

Set two (the one's my Sister wants printing lol)

I think both sets are pretty nifty but people would just say I'm biassed :P lol
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Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Bit Fishy ;) LOL

A couple of great friends 'tagged' me on Facebook re: a video tutorial for a
'Moving Fish' lol the tutorial can be found here
I used thin card & googly eye's instead of paper lol
& this was my first 'fishy' creation LOL

not bad huh???
lol but am gonna have to make more coz altho I don't have any Grandkids myself... my two Sister's do & I love all my great-niece's & great-nephews so much
so they will all get one each (thye probs wont last long tho) HAHAHAHA
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I really do appreciate it :) xXx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Favourite Aunt lol

hello there you lovely people... it's a gorgeous day again here :)
It's the birthday of one of my favourite Aunty's today
& she is also the one who I made the Sympathy card for recently
I wanted to show her how much she is loved so I created the card below for her:)

Aunty Barb loves Butterflies & believes that if they land on you it's someone you love in heaven letting you know they're watching over you :)
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I really dio appreciate each & everyone :)

Monday, 11 July 2016

Anniversary card :)

hello my lovely friends & followers :)
I do hope you are all well & are having some gorgeous weather like me :P lol
I have created this card for some of my 'longest' best friends who I had the pleasure to meet from the internet... we used to play an online game called 'Wordox' about 15/16 yrs ago ... a lot of us decided to meet in person... one lovely lady booked a venue with buffet & disco & about 40 different players booked hotel rooms & stayed for the w/e.... that was one of about 5/6 different meets LOL
awesome time was had by all every meet I can tell you hahaha
Anyways... enough babbling & onto the card

I'd seen a similar card online & thought theirs was really pretty 
so I decided I had to create my own version for this special couple :)
 (obviously I wouldn't literally copy someone else's design lol)

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Weddings :)

Hello my lovelies... hope you are all well :)
I love a good Wedding don't you?? lol
I'd like to show you a couple of cards I have made for Weddings recently.
This card below is for my oldest Sister... she get's married for the 3rd time
next Friday lol (well... they do say 3rd time's a charm) ;) hehehe  

This next card was for my daughter to give one of her best friends from school....
they got married last Friday :)

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Sunday, 19 June 2016


hello my lovelies.. I hope you are all well :)
the sun is shining here so I hope it is where you are too lol
2 cards from me today...
the first is for a good friend of mine but I missed her birthday (shocking I know)
I knew she loved piggies so this is what I did for her :)
The image is from Google but I altered it to add the cupcake LOL...
it's decoupaged to give it that 3D look &
the sentiment was created using my PSP7 & then printing it onto card :)
the second card is for my oldest great-nephew
he is crazy mad about dinosaurs & can name pretty much all of them :)
(he watched the new Jurassic World & his Uncle bought him a book & got hooked lol)
again the image was from Google (great place is Google LOL)
I created the background for it & this is what I created for him :)

I created the sentiment in my PSP7 & printed it off & I also
printed the number '5' on some soft card as a template & then added it to
holographic mirror card from my stash & cut it out adding it with foam pads
the same as with T-Rex... again to give it that 3D look :)

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Congratulations!!! :)

Hello my lovely followers :)
I hope you're having a wonderful day... looks like it might rain here :(
Anyways... am hoping one of my friends is gonna have gorgeous weather
as she is..... GETTING MARRIED today... YAYYYYY  :)
This is the card I have created for their big day :)
the image I found via Google & I used my Saukura Gelly Roll glitter pen for a bit of sparkle lol
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