Monday, 28 June 2010

My OWN Stamping lolol

here are some new cards I made on Sunday... I stamped all the images myself b4 colouring them with my Promarkers... am dead chuffed the way they turned out to be honest lolol TFL xXx

Saturday, 26 June 2010

More Gifts from Docraft Friends 8o)

hehehe my posty loves me coz he's always bringing me lil gifts lolol... these 2 beauties came from Sam aka Whisper & Margaret aka margaretd2

This lil cutie is the card from Sam aka Whisper... & it had some lovely lil goodies inside too ;oP hehehehe Thanx Sam... I love it all darl ;o) xXx

This gorgeous butterfly card is from Margaret aka margaretd2 & this also had some lovely lil goodies inside it hehehehe again Thank you Margaret... I love em darl ;o) xXx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wahoooo MORE Gorgeous Gifts ;oP

These arrived thru the post.... only just got to upload them tho... but aint they gorgeous... they're from the lovely xjenniegx & LindaV of Docrafts 8oD

This is the card that xjenniegx sent me.... had some wonderful 'images' inside & ya know I have already used one hehehehe thanx Jennie... I love em darl ;o) hehehehe xXx

This lil beauty is the card LindaV sent me... its too had a wonderful lil prezzy inside ;o) cant wait to use that too hehehehe Thanx Linda... I love em 8oD xXx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Entry 4 JennieG's Tilda Challenge 8o)

A HUUUUUUGE 'Thank You' to Jennie for sending me all the gorgeous images to start with lolol... that meant I woz able to use this gorgeous image for my entry into her challenge over on Docrafts 'Challenge' section.... am kinda proud of how it turned out to be honest... altho I gotta sharpen me punch lolol... I love creating but sometimes me mojo goes for a lil walkabout lolol... so am extra chuffed with it rofl... TFL xXx

Saturday, 19 June 2010

My Entry 4 Incy's V Challenge 8o)

Docrafts is being a pain in the butt again with that frickin 'runtime error' so I cant add my pic there OR post to Kay (Incy) that I wanted to be in her challenge too as it finishes 2day lolol... so am hoping she see's this blog message lololol.... we had to add 5 items to the card... using anything of our choice.... & this is what I came up with... TFL xXx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My Entry 4 Teresa's Tilda Challenge 8oD

Here is the card I made for Teresa's Tilda Challenge over on Docarfts... cant get on there again at the mo coz I just keep getting the stupid 'error' page again grrrrrrr.... anyways... am not sure if am too late to enter but if I am... no worries.... some 1 will get it for their birthday lolol... if am not too late... yayyyyy my 1st challenge card lolol... it is actually a lovely shade of blue... altho my camera seems to give my pics a bit of a pinky tint for some strange reason... the lighting is pretty good altho not natural at this time of morning lolol... TFL... I'd appreciate any comments ;o) xXx

More purrrrdy cards 4 me 8o)

I got a couple more surprises 2day when the posty came.... hehehehe Thank you cards.... one from our Anjie & one from Jul aka Nifty Fingers both from Docrafts 8o)

This gorgeous Tilda card is the one from Anjie.... its a 'Thank you' card to me for the birthday card & goodies I sent her... bless her she's such a softy.... thanx Anj.... me loves it ALL ;o) xXx

This gorgeous floral card is from Jul aka Nifty Fingers... again this is a 'Thank you' card to me for some cards I sent her not long ago for a charity she does 8oD... another softy bless her... thanx Jul... I love it 8o) xXx

Monday, 14 June 2010

WOW... MORE gorgeous prezzies ;o)

Yup... I got some more gorgeous cards from more lovely Docrafts friends.... again these are thank you's for helping with their blogs with Banners & Headers etc 8o)
This gorgeous card is from Shaz... the pic doesn't do it justice tho am afraid... its a gorgeous pale yellow & blue... I love it... thanx Shaz ;o) xXx

This gorgeous card is from the lovely Smutty Nutty & again the pic doesnt do the card justice... gorgeous pinks & purples.... thanx H.... I love this too ;o) xXx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Docrafts YOU SUCK!!!!

well dunno if its only me... but I cant get onto Docrafts... AGAIN!!!!!! just keep getting a timed out error page grrrrrrrrr... wish they'd get their act together... we never had this much trouble on the OLD site... wish we could go back there *sobs*

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Look at this gorgeous card & prezzy... these are from Debsdoes as a thank you for the header & banner I created for her for her blog.... Thanx Debbie.... I love the lil charm... thats going straight onto my handbag ;o) xXx hehehehe

These are the awesome prezzies I got again from Janet aka craftycairn for some more headers etc I created for her for her
Pink Gem blogs... thanx Janet.. I love em ;o)xXx

Thank you so very much ladies... I adore it all ♥♥♥♥♥


hehehehe Jessi must really love me hahahahhaa.... there is a lil twist with this award tho however lolol.... now I have recieved & graciously accepted it... I now have to offer you 7 facts about myself.... 6 are true & 1 is false... can you guess which is which??? & then I have to nominate 7 people to receive this award hmmmm.... lemme think lolol

Okies.... here are the facts (or are they?? lol)

1/ I used to be bald
2/ I woz 1st at 'shot put' at school
3/ I have 3 sisters & 2 brothers
4/ I once owned a go-cart
5/ I love anything to do with Vampires & Werewolves
6/ I used to work in a chip shop
7/ I love creating cards & animations etc

hmmmmm & now for my nominations

1/ craftycairn
2/ pickle
3/ debsdoes
4/ BettyBoop67
5/ Aunty Sue
6/ amanalone
7/ Kozmik

I hope you all accept this award & carry it on in the spirit it is intended ;o) love n hugz xXx

WAHOOOO I won a Blog Award too 8o)

awwwwwwwww look at this gorgeous award.... it woz posted on Messi Jessi's Blog... an award for lil ole me *blush* .... Jessi presented me this award for all the help I have been giving to fellow Docrafters & Bloggers... but I just want to say
I do what I do for other people simply coz I can & coz it's what I enjoy doing it... & in the process..... knowing I have made someone smile... knowing I have made someone happy just by what I have selflessly done... is all the thanx I need ;o)... so Thank YOU... all of YOU xXx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I want to give this award to a wonderful... caring.... loving lady who doesn't even realise her own talent

Craftingallday aka Teresa

This is for you darl ;o)... coz I personally think your creative expression on your cards is just amazing & so inspring & I wish I woz half as talented as you.

Congratulations on being the first person to receive this award ;o) Pleez accept this award from me & on behalf of so many others crafting/blogging friends
'Be Proud' & add it to your Blog 8o) loves ya xXx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Adding a Signature to your Posts

This post woz just to test if my new signature added correctly...

AND.... as we can see.... IT HAS!!! yayyyyy 8o)

There is a 'How To' for adding the signature on my sidebar.... just click the 'How to' for Blogs button... & on that page you will find different tutorials ;o)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

More wonderful 'Thank you' prezzies 8oD

WAHOOOO.... here are some more gorgeous prezzies that came thru the post.... both are 'thank you' cards from Messie-Jessie & lmn (little miss naughty)... aren't they wonderful 8oD

This one is from Messie-Jessie... isnt the image just so cute??? hehehehe.... thanx darl.... I love it 8oD xXx

This one is from lmn... along with the card I got a lil box with some flowers in like the one on the front of the card... some fancy frames & some die cut logo's.... marveleous huh??? hehehe.... Thank you lmn... I love these also ;o) xXx