Thursday, 10 June 2010


hehehehe Jessi must really love me hahahahhaa.... there is a lil twist with this award tho however lolol.... now I have recieved & graciously accepted it... I now have to offer you 7 facts about myself.... 6 are true & 1 is false... can you guess which is which??? & then I have to nominate 7 people to receive this award hmmmm.... lemme think lolol

Okies.... here are the facts (or are they?? lol)

1/ I used to be bald
2/ I woz 1st at 'shot put' at school
3/ I have 3 sisters & 2 brothers
4/ I once owned a go-cart
5/ I love anything to do with Vampires & Werewolves
6/ I used to work in a chip shop
7/ I love creating cards & animations etc

hmmmmm & now for my nominations

1/ craftycairn
2/ pickle
3/ debsdoes
4/ BettyBoop67
5/ Aunty Sue
6/ amanalone
7/ Kozmik

I hope you all accept this award & carry it on in the spirit it is intended ;o) love n hugz xXx


Lorraine said...

congrats on your award huni xx

Helen Williams said...

All the best you are a true star, I havnt been posting very long you have been there all the time helping me and many others too.

Love H xx

Messi Jessi said...

I think they're all true except the sisters and brothers one - you prob have 3 brothers and 2 sisters instead!

~@ngie~ said...

lmao Jessi.... wrrrrrooongggg !!! ;oP

Messi Jessi said...

OK then, I think that you didn't work in a chip shop. There's no way someone as glam could have ever chipped chips!

~@ngie~ said...

rofl.... wwwwrrrrooonnnggggg!!!

Messi Jessi said...

One more try.... I think you never owned a go cart, but that you maybe raced them instead coz I can imagine you as a speed demon!

~@ngie~ said...

lmao... correct... I never owned one & as I woz a scaredy cat I never rode one either ;oP xXx

Messi Jessi said...

Does that mean all the others are true then? If so you must be a massive Twilight fan like me then!

~@ngie~ said...

hell yeahhhhhhhhh lolol I think I have just about every Vamp & Werewolf film there is... & as for Twilight.... AM HOOKED!!! hehehehe
Yes... all the other ARE true ;o) xXx

Messi Jessi said...

OMG - you were really bald?? I've just bought the new Bree Tanner novella and can't wait for Eclipse to come on the cinema - EXCITED!!

~@ngie~ said...

yeah... TOTALLY bald... I had been dianosed with Leukaemia in Dec 06 so went thru Chemo... it woz great not having a bad hair day lol & I cant wait for Eclipse either... I think thats gonna be the best one so far 8oP GO TEAM EDWARD!!! lolol

peter said...

Oo thanks for the award @ngie I shall wear it with pride.. Unlike you I only have two one for each ear LOL nbut no-one wants to guess it I am telling porkies or not Ah well obviously I'm too good Hugs Peter XX (DC A Man Alone)

~@ngie~ said...

lol Peter...ya do make me laff darl... & ya more than welcome for the award ;o) love n hugz Angie xXx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi @ngie thanks for this Could you be telling fibs re card making and animation i dont think. Hugs Sue xx