Thursday, 13 September 2012

Female 50th Birthday Cards (Commissioned)

My cousin's g/f asked me if I could make her a card for her Mum for her 50th Birthday.... I said 'of course' & she said it woz up to me how I created it... then she asked if I could also make one from her Dad to her Mum too... obviously I said 'yes' & again it woz up to me how I created it :D lol 
So... here are the 2 cards I created..........

From Daughter to Mum :)

From Husband to Wife

(Click on each card to see it properly :) lol)

When the daughter collected them she said 'they're gorgeous... I love em'... as you can imagine I woz very happy with her comment lol & I hope her Mum loves em too altho am sure she will ;) lol
Thanx 4 stopping by & TFL :)

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Sandra H said...

They are really stunning cards angie x