Monday, 25 July 2016

I DID IT!!! hehehe

Whilst at my Sister's & B.I.L.'s on Sat. evening we played the 'Mr & Mrs Family Edition' board game & my Sister mentioned that she didn't know where to get new score pads from... there is nothing on the box or the instructions as to where they can be obtained... so I said I'd make some.... the first set is almost identical to the original papers but to save ink... my Sister wanted them more white... so the second set is what we are going go with when I eventually print them off LOL

Set one (almost identical to original papers)

Set two (the one's my Sister wants printing lol)

I think both sets are pretty nifty but people would just say I'm biassed :P lol
Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving any comments :)

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crafty-stamper said...

Good going and they look great -problem solved
Carol x