Sunday 19 May 2019

A Few Fave's :)

hey am back again... not so long an absence this time LOL
just wanted to show a few of my fave  special cards I've made
ie: Engagement/Wedding/Anniversary/VowRenewal :)
the first card is the engagement card that I made for my Mum & her future husband
& below is their Wedding card that I made (the front & opened) :)

the next card is a Vow Renewal card that I made for my younger
Sister & B.I.L. :)

this next card I made for my best friend for a couple she knew :)

the next is a card for a stranger.. the lady emailed me after seeing some of my
creations on Pinterest & asked if I could re-create a card she'd spotted lol 
Obviously I changed it slightly but she still loved it :D
this next card was for a favourite Aunty of mine
who is actually ill atm & with a not good outcome sadly :(

lastly this card below is a card I made for a couple online they do live cooking videos
to help other people learn how to cook or just give people new idea's for meals lol
they are called Pat & Paul... Paul is vegan so he cooks very different things to Pat lol :D

I hope you like my creations & hopefully you will leave me a comment
about what you think of them :)
Thanx so much for stopping by.... I really appreciate it.... stay safe ;)


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Lovely cards, welcome back

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful cards, thank you for showing them again