Friday, 17 July 2009

MORE Goodies from Anjie Mc 8oP

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT MORE!!!!!!!! below is another gorgeous card & ANOTHER stash of goodies hehehehe.... thank you Anjie... it woz such a wonderful surprise... my brain is so cacka lolol... I dont remember who said they'd send to me... so I woz skipping about (well not literally... I wish I still could tho lolol) when my daughter said I had another parcel hehehehe my lil box aint gonna be big enuff.. I may need to make another lolol... below the pic of the stash is the new box I made especially for my images ;o) thanx again to all who have kindly donated... me lubs ya all hehehe... love n hugz Angie xXx

Here's my box that I made for my images lolol

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